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Paul, who writes Free Heating Advice

I’m Paul, and “Us” is mainly me. I’ve worked for 37 years as a heating engineer and I’m still working hands on, part-time.
In that time I’ve always tried to think my way through the central heating and boiler problems we’ve come across and tried to find the best way to explain them to the trainees who’ve worked with me.

Bouncing ideas around and continuing to learn is still a passion for me. I really enjoy sharing knowledge and can’t imagine ever being bored. That said, the idea of retirement certainly holds no horrors, it’s just that I can’t afford it yet!

There are a lot more pages to come so we’ll be adding them to this site for a long while yet. We’re sorry but we’re not in a position to answer individual plumbing, heating and boiler problems. But if we’ve got something wrong, or you can add to what we’ve said, please use the contact form to email us. Thanks

I’m continuing to write articles dealing with common central heating problems like radiator balancingboiler pressureexpansion vessel faults, radiator valves and air locks. There’s a long article about motorised valve faults, particularly Honeywell motorised valve faults. I’ll also be dealing with subjects like gross and net efficiency, carbon monoxide, combustion, boiler types and more. From time to time I may amend and improve the pages to keep them up to date. There are more pages listed on the Articles page.

No one has all the answers but you might find some useful ones here. For years, too many heating engineers had to try to find answers working alone. Help from manufacturers’ tech services departments could be patchy and we often ended up trying to re-invent the wheel. The web is a great place to share information and experience; what has worked for us might work for you too!

If you can add ideas to what I’ve written, or you think I’ve got something wrong, please let me know. I’ll be happy to hear from you. There’s a contact page with a contact form. Spam bots harvest published email addresses so I use a contact form to reduce spam.

Working on gas boilers in the UK is limited to Gas Safe Registered engineers. If you’re not Gas Safe Registered you may at least find clues here to point you in the right direction. Beyond that, there’s a whole lot more on this site which is not directly gas related, and not restricted to Gas Safe Registered engineers.