Setting Min and Max combustion rates on Ideal gas boilers

Set Min and Max combustion rate on Ideal Logic Heat boiler

Ideal Logic Heat Boiler panel controls
A: temperature control; B: mode control; C: boiler status indicator; D: Burner ‘on’ indicator; F: economy point

Min and Max combustion rate setting missing

Many boiler service manuals have poorly written instructions about setting minimum and maximum combustion rates. In the manual for the Ideal LOGIC Heat boilers we couldn’t find any instructions at all.
The boilers we’re talking about are the Logic Heat 12 (G.C. No. 41-399-99), Logic Heat 15 (G.C. No. 41-409-93), Logic Heat 18 (G.C. No. 41-409-94), Logic Heat 24 (G.C. No. 41-409-95) and Logic Heat 30 (G.C. No. 41-409-96).

Ideal Technical phone support

When we’ve needed them, phone support from Ideal Technical has been good. We rang them and they told us how to set the Logic Heat boiler to minimum and maximum rate.
When we get good support from Technical departments we’re going to try to flag it up, so Ideal get a thank you from us!

Setting the Logic Heat boiler to minimum rate then maximum rate

Start with the temperature control (A) in a mid-position and set your programmer to create a demand for heating or hot water or both.
Make sure that room stat and/or cylinder stat are calling for heat and the boiler should fire.
The status indicator (C) should change from showing O to showing C and the burner ‘on’ indicator (D) should light up.

Now, in quick succession, turn the temperature control (A) to min then max, then min then max again, leaving it at max.
The boiler should go to minimum rate and S should show in the boiler status indicator.
Still in quick succession, turning the temperature control to min then max a third time should force the boiler to ramp up to maximum rate.
The status indicator will continue to show S. We think the S is for Service.

To stay at maximum rate, the boiler will need to be able to lose enough heat. It would be best to have both heating and hot water calling for heat.
To cancel the demand for minimum or maximum rate, move the temperature control knob back towards a mid-position.